Graph Architect

Remote · Texas, United States


We build projects to tackle big and complex data. From huge relational databases, to high-speed in-memory computation, to distributed document databases, we use what makes the most sense for the job. For an increasing number of our projects, graph databases are part of the solution. How do I optimize my supply chain? What is the provenance of the data that fed into this calculation? Where are the components on my power plant that are likely to fail next year and when should I schedule maintenance? Which members of my team will work well together (or not) and why? How can I see the connections a customer makes across my entire organization?

If you like to work on gnarly problems with clients who can tell the difference between average technical talent and you, then please read on.

Our projects usually involve some combination of multi-model data access, distributed high performance compute, multi-tiered architectures. Our clients don't tell us how to build stuff only what they want it to do. You will inform these decisions rather than having them imposed on you.


A big brain, strong work ethic, lots of curiosity and an eagerness to learn new things and wrestle projects to the ground.

Oh, it probably would also be good if you:


1) A team that will energize you or exhaust you, or both!

2) Projects that keep technical gurus interested

3) Health benefits

4) Retirement plan with company matching

5) Family leave

6) Immense work flexibility as long as the work gets done and the clients are happy

As part of your submission, we'd like you to tell us all of the actors who have ever been in a movie with Tom Hanks based on the movie dataset here.

Expero is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. Our focus is solving challenging problems, not where you came from or how you live your life. We are an E-Verify workplace.

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