DevOps Engineer

Remote · Houston, Texas, United States


What the heck is DevOps? A whole new way of thinking about development and operations? Or just code for "that guy knows Docker and ain't afraid of AWS neither"? Maybe it's a little of both. We're pretty excited here about the world of serverless programming, portable containers, distributed systems, and being smart about configuration. But we are also practical: there's no need to over engineer this stuff if you have other harder problems to solve. Building a multi-tenant application with large data volumes and geographically distributed customers? Heck yeah, there's better ways to do that these days. Bring on the toys! Building an on-premise application with really interesting domain logic, but relatively small user counts? Keep it simple, stupid!


Most of all, you need a love of fast learning and the kind of personality that just won't let the problem go until every little problem with an operational environment is managed. We also want experience or familiarity across as many of the most common areas of operations design, including


1) A team that will energize you or exhaust you, or both!

2) Projects that keep technical gurus interested

3) Health benefits

4) Retirement plan with company matching

5) Family leave

6) Immense work flexibility as long as the work gets done and the clients are happy

Expero is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. Our focus is solving challenging problems, not where you came from or how you live your life. We are an E-Verify workplace.

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