Data Experience Designer

Austin, Texas, United States


Our Mission

We bring challenging product ideas to reality. Expero builds software exclusively for domain-experts like scientists, traders, engineers, and other sophisticated users. We innovate to build products that other people say can’t be done and treasure the opportunity to work with people pushing the boundaries of their domain.

We’re seeking people who share our enthusiasm for tackling tough, complex problems to join our team. If you enjoy working on challenging ideas, we’d love to hear from you!

Our Data Experience Designer Role

Expero’s Data Experience Designers (DE Designer) are a hybrid of data visualization and user experience design. Our DE Designers apply a unique mix of technical and creative skills using data to tell stories and solve business problems. Because Expero specializes in complex data, our DE Designers must have deep mathematical and computer science expertise to prototype and program against large data sets in real time to generate a visualization. It is also the responsibility of the DE Designer to look at problems holistically. This requires a deep understanding of the questions that customers are looking to answer with the data and ability triangulate data, visuals and business value.

The Work

If you enjoy a challenge buckle up! We’re working on products in some of the most cutting edge fields of UX including machine learning, data science, data visualization, conversational UIs, large screen touch and of course mobile and responsive web apps. Our work brings opportunity to always discover something new building products across a multitude of industries including Biotech, Fintech, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Semiconductor, Cloud Computing, Transportation, Construction, Gaming and Government.




As part of your submission, we'd like to see recent work examples. If you can’t share your work, no problem, some of our best projects can’t be shared either. We will provide a take home design exercise for you to complete.

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